Hofmann Megaplan: need for service management software SAAS

Hofmann Megaplan UK Business Analysis and Project Management work

Following a review of business processes within Hofmann Megaplan UK Ltd, I identified a number of areas of duplication and inefficiency. 

As well as having an on-premise server, with no resilient remote backup facility, the recording,  management and tracking of engineers and their workload was very manual, all based on a paper filing system, with a lot of duplication and passing around or filing of paperwork.

Identifying this as a need for a database-driven solution, we implemented an off-the-shelf service management solution Synchroteam, which allowed the upload, insert and update of customer data, alongside the garage equipment each customer has on-site, and scheduling of jobs to either install, update or calibrate these machines. 

The rollout included updated handsets for each engineer, and training to ensure each user was well-versed in how to use the software.

Hofmann Megaplan was subsequently purchased by ISN (Integrated Supply Network) USA making it North America & Europe’s Premier Automotive Tool & Equipment Distributor.


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8th October 2022