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SEO Tips for Meta tags and Lengths in 2024

If you are looking for AI SEO Tools to make your life easier when trying to rank website pages then Wiser IT are here to help!

The tools on this page are AI driven using ChatGPT openai to combine several SEO Keyword functions:

  • Top 5 UK Google Serp Entries
  • AI Title Generator
  • AI Meta Description Generator
  • Metatag Length and Pixel Size Checker

By typing in a combination of your chosen keyword or phrase, and for more accuracy also optionally include the industry it relates to and the webpage that you are trying to rank.

You will be returned with the top 5 UK Google SERP entries and snippets that are currently ranking for your keyword, as well as 5 AI-suggested SEO-friendly page titles, and 5 SEO-friendly meta descriptions, which may work well to help rank your page.

Using the currently ranking page titles and descriptions, and the inline editor, you can refine your page title and meta description to ensure it reads well, and is also of the correct size for the SERP results, such that you are showing as much information about your page, including keywords relating to your subject matter, whilst ensuring that the snippets are not cut short in the search engine results page (SERP).

Using this free SEO tool we have combined both the power of artificial intelligence, with the thinking of some of the leading SEO and online marketing authorities such as Neil Patel, AHRefs, SEMRush, and Yoast to establish meta tags that will help you rank, whilst also passing the vast majority of tests and tools.

The basic rules and size guidelines we use for meta tag lengths are as follows:

H1 Tags:

  •  Minimum 20 characters
  • Maximum 70 characters
  • Must not be identical to the Title tag

Title Tags

  • Minimum 50 characters
  • Maximum 58 characters
  • Maximum 580 pixels
  • Must not be identical to the H1 tag

Meta Description

  • Minimum 50 characters
  • Maximum 160 characters
  • Maximum 920 pixels

Your title and description meta tags should all be readable, and meaningful whilst ideally contain the keywords you are targeting without keyword stuffing, and studies suggest that having the keyword or phrase at the beginning of these tags can help your page to rank better.  Google say there is no limit on the length of the Title tag, and equally the Description or any of these can be longer or shorter than our recommendations, but you risk Google or Bing overwriting with their own versions, which may not be the correct message that you wish displayed on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


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