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SEO Tips for Good SEO Page Tags in 2024

Rather than using several SEO tools we have combined the thinking of some of the leading SEO and online marketing authorities such as Neil Patel, AHRefs, SEMRush, and Yoast to establish meta tags that will pass the vast majority of tests and tools, as well as checking the number of words on a web page or blog and the keyword density to give an indication what the page is about or possible to rank for on Google..

The basic rules and size guidelines we use for meta tag lengths are as follows:

H1 Tags:

  • Minimum 20 characters
  • Maximum 70 characters
  • Must not be identical to the Title tag

Title Tags

  • Minimum 50 characters
  • Maximum 58 characters
  • Maximum 580 pixels
  • Must not be identical to the H1 tag

Meta Description

  • Minimum 50 characters
  • Maximum 160 characters (ideally 158 or less)
  • Maximum 920 pixels

Of course, these should all be readable, and meaningful and ideally contain the keywords you are targeting without keyword stuffing.

Google say there is no limit on the length of the Title tag, and equally the Description or any of these can be longer or shorter than our recommendations, but you may risk Google or Bing overwriting with their own versions, which may not be the correct message that you wish displayed on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

SEO Tips for Page size and Keyword Density in 2024:

There is no longer a specific optimal keyword density percentage that is best for SEO, as Google are more interested in the content being relevant, readable and engaging for the reader, especially since the Google E-E-A-T — or “Double-E-A-T,” algorithm update in December 2022 (E-E-A-T- stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

However not having a keyword or phrase mentioned enough may confuse search engines as to what the page or post is actually about and keyword stuffing is a real risk, and if keywords and phrases are included in an article too much that it makes it unreadable, unnatural or meaningless to the reader, then Google sees this as a red flag as it goes directly against their quality guidelines.

SEO Tips for ALT Tags in 2024

It is advisable to maintain an ALT Tag of 125 characters or less both for screen readers and for best practice SEO.

Although widely debated, it is understood that some popular screen readers for the visually impaired cut image ALT text off after around 125 characters. While no longer a hard and fast rule, it is still a good practice for SEO as this keeps the ALT tags clear, and concise but still keeps them descriptive of the image on the page.

Note: Some images may not be detected if coded in bespoke CSS rather than standard image tags, however the fact remains that any image on a web page should have relevant ALT tags for SEO best practice.

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