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Password Tips for keeping safe in 2024

Passwords are our gatekeepers, protecting our precious accounts and data. But for many, especially kids, navigating the password landscape can be confusing and daunting. Here are some simple tips for creating passwords that work well but are still memorable enough to remember. Passwords For Kids:

  • Easy & Fun: Passwords for kids should be like their imaginations: bright and memorable! Encourage them to create phrases based on their favourite hobbies, pets, or book characters. “RainbowUnicorn2023” is much easier to recall than “jH7$K%9&.”
  • Supercharged Simplicity: Teach them the “secret sauce” of a strong password: length (at least 8 characters), mix (uppercase, lowercase, numbers), and no personal details (like birthdays or names). Think “SuperSoccerStar123!”

Passwords For Everyone:

  • Complexity is Key: Ditch the dictionary words, family names and predictable patterns. Embrace the randomness! Combine a strong noun with a random string of numbers and symbols, like “GalacticPizza78%!”
  • More words are better than one: A password is better and often more memorable when it becomes a series of words or a short sentence, so for example Password123 is terrible, but WhatwasMyFavouriteDogsNamein1986? would be a lot harder to guess or for hackers to crack due to its complexity and length
  • Uniqueness Matters: One password fits all is a recipe for disaster. Treat each account like a vault with its unique key. A password manager can be your trusted locksmith, keeping track of your ever-growing collection.
  • Two-Factor Fortress: Think of two-factor authentication (2FA) as an extra lock on your door. It adds an extra layer of security, often through a code sent to your phone, making it much harder for hackers to break in.

Avoiding the Hackers:

  • Phishing Beware: Hackers love to cast nets – fake emails and websites disguised as legitimate ones. Always double-check sender addresses and URLs before entering any credentials.
  • Sharing is Not Caring: Keep your passwords under lock and key, even from close friends. Remember, your password is your secret superpower, don’t reveal it!
  • Regular Revamp: Just like changing the locks on your house, change your passwords regularly. Aim for every 3-6 months, especially for critical accounts like email or banking.

By following some of these simple password rules, we can keep our digital doors shut and our data safe from harm. A strong password is like a trusty shield in the online world – use it wisely and stay one step ahead of the hackers!

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