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Whether you are an existing large well known brand or a small local business you want to be found and seen on Google and Bing search results by the customers that are looking for your products and services, and to achieve that you need to get your website SEO done well by a professional service that is expert in this.

We have been helping business large and small in and around the Peterborough area for years to increase their web presence, by improving keyword rankings, which over time brings more of the correct visitors to their websites, increasing engagement with the products and brand and elevating sales.

Example SEO AUDIT Report

EXAMPLE SEO AUDIT REPORT by Wiser IT SEO Thrapston Northamptonshire

Grow your Peterborough Business with SEO

You may be a purely online business operating out of a base near Peterborough, or perhaps you have very little online presence at the moment but are curious to find how optimising your website could help to boost your brand and increase your profits, and we can definitely help with this.

Retail sales in the UK are increasingly being made online, and even customers who are reluctant to buy and pay online are looking more to the internet to search and find reviews for products, services and local companies they can trust.

If you are a local business in or around Peterborough and you would like to see how you could increase your website visibility online then please contact Wiser IT today to review your website SEO and provide recommendations on how to improve your website’s performance.

internet sales as percentage of total retail sales UK by Wiser IT SEO

Internet Sales are driven by SEO

In 2022 over 25% of all retail sales in the UK were made online and the trend continues to increase in favour of online search, research and purchasing.

We focus on putting your products and services into the view of customers in Peterborough that are searching for them using the search engines.

Organic SEO Growth in Peterborough

Google and Bing are the dominant search engines in the UK and Worldwide and paid advertising on these can be very effective with a very good return on investment, whereas focusing on the organic SEO ranking of your website can take a long time, but it doesn’t switch off in the same way that paid advertising does.  Hence a longer term investment in organic SEO for your business can reap financial benefits for years to come, it can help build your brand, and increase sales exponentially over time.

Simply having a website is no guarantee of being found online, as your website needs to be optimised using both on-site and offsite SEO techniques and appealing to the keywords and phrases that your target audience are using to try and find local businesses like yours.

By performing an SEO audit we gain valuable insight into your existing rankings, as well as your potential audience, where and how they are trying to find businesses like yours, and we can begin to align the differences between these, to turn these valuable leads in your direction, that would otherwise be finding your competition first. 

If you are trying to increase traffic, produce more potential sales leads or grow your brand awareness, this can all be achieved using organic SEO techniques that we have perfected over years of experience.

Every customers SEO requirements are unique and hence each search engine optimisation audit, and plan that we produce are bespoke to the company, products or services that they supply as well as the location in which they do business, as well as the areas in which they may like to in the future, as being online means it’s often possible to grow from being a small local company to becoming a national or internationally recognised brand in your particular niche.

If you feel your business could benefit from some organic SEO optimisation, please contact Wiser IT today to request an SEO audit to review what needs resolving with your website SEO and to work on a plan to start your local business gaining more traction online.



See some examples of projects I have been involved with recently.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic global customers.

Andy is a talented IT Professional, with fantastic Project Management skills. Andy has full project life-cycle experience and is able to manage several project simultaneously, within agreed timeframes and budget.

Outside of Project Management Andy has skills in People Management, Business Analysis and IT Development (procedural and object oriented languages). Andy is an inspiring person to work with who’s energy and drive is infectious for everyone around him.

Greg Palmer

Senior Product Manager, Avon Cosmetics

Andy’s passion for IT is infectious and he is technically one of the sharpest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Add to this mix an uncanny ability to grasp complex business requirements and the faculty to produce work at a breathtaking pace and you have a potent combination! To top it all Andy is an immensely likeable guy.

Andrew Grkow

Snr Analyst Engineer, National Australia Bank

Andy was a prime example of how a project manager should operate; reliable, methodical, organised, knowledgeable and very approachable. His skills make him a great problem solver and he has a great sense of humour, so working together is never a chore. His expertise and oversight were invaluable to me personally, and to the delivery of the project.

Clare Blatchford-Hanna

Managing Director, The Anode Outlet Ltd

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