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SEO Tips for Boosting Site Authority and Backlinks in 2024

Domain Authority (DA) and backlinks are crucial factors that determine your website’s trust and credibility in the eyes of search engines, ultimately influencing your rankings and organic traffic.

The FREE DA checker tool on this page is using data supplied by MOZ to establish

  • Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website will rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). The score is between 1 and 100 with a higher number being better.
  • Spam Score (SS) is a score that represents the percentage of websites with similar features found to be penalized or banned by Google. Represented as a percentage, the lower the better. A spam score of “–” is shown where no spam number is currently available.
  • Linking Domains is the number of unique external linking domains. Two or more links from the same website are counted as one linking domain. A higher number is generally better as long as the linking domains are of good quality and relevance.
  • Inbound Links are the number of unique pages linking to a target. Two or more links from the same page on a website are counted as one link. Again the higher the better, but links from poor quality or spammy websites can adversely affect your DA or increase your spam score.

As well as keeping your content current and compelling, your website needs to be seen by others as an authoritative and trustworthy source of information, and having other websites link to your content informs the search engines of this trust.

Of course, if you are linked from spammy websites of no value or with a low DA themselves, this can actually harm your domain authority score, but having high ranking, relevant and well visited websites linking to your content, and especially in context with their own content, then this can really help to raise your sites profile, and in turn the domain authority (DA) score.

Building domain authority and acquiring backlinks takes time and consistent effort. Implement these strategies diligently, monitor your progress through SEO tools, and be patient. With dedication and strategic planning, you’ll watch your website climb the search engine ladder, leaving your competitors in the dust.

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